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Windows hello setup  mentioned previously  in my article is one of the features of windows 10 which requires additional technology hardware device to work properly. To log into your windows device safely without password, windows hello setup is meant to use your bio-metric data.  However, you cannot use your bio-metric data unless your  windows system comes with  the ability to capture them.  If not, you need to get the bio-metric  devices  attached to your computer or mobile device before you can setup windows hello security.

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Windows hello setup guide requirements:

Devices with windows hello  setup ability includes new windows 10 PC,  Surface pro, etc.

Fingerprint scanner

Real-sense camera

You must update your device: it is very important to always keep your device up-to-date by performing system updates frequently. Regular updates are release for a purpose and if you keep your device up to date – your device would thank you by making new features to work properly, removing bugs, and  improving  efficiency by using less time to  complete a task.

To make sure that your windows device is up to date, look for your devices setting, click on update and security, then, select windows update. Better still turn on your update to automatic.

If you have  right hardware and update in place, then, you are ready for your   windows hello setup.


Windows hello setup step-by-step guide


Turn on your windows device.

Connect either your fingerprint scanner or Real-sense camera

Locate setting and click open

Click on accounts option

Click on sign-in option

Take your time to familiarise yourself with the sign-in option menu

Change your password or PIN

Activate windows hello

Click on “get started”

Choose or create PIN if you want to activate windows hello on your mobile device

Choose or create PASSWORD if you want to activate windows hello setup on your windows PC

Why choose PASSWORD again? Windows want you to have an alternative option in case of any malfunction of your windows hello login process. You will then use this password to access your windows device

Choose prefer bio-metric; this is where the whole fun of windows hello setup begins!

Create your bio-metric data and give windows hello accurate bio-metric profile to build for you. For example, for fingerprint scanning, you should  place your finger or thumb on the scanner and hold there as you follow the instructions on your screen until the scanning is finish

Click finish, if you are happy with the result or improve if the scan result seems poor.

Log out of your device and try to login again and watch the magic of windows hello setup you just  finished.

Windows hello setup guide – take home tips!

Every Improve Recognition scan will add more data points to your profile and make it more accurate. So it’s actually a good idea to run the scan a couple of  time before exiting. For example, if setting up facial recognition, you can perform another scan with glasses on (or off).

Windows Hello does not automatically limit your login options; you can still use passwords or PINs to log-in to your Windows device.  If you choose to keep the passwords or PIN option.

Family and friends can still have access to your device if they use separate account and also set up their bio-metric profiles on your windows device. But note that when others set-up and use your window hello – the security strength of your bio-metric data is reduce.

There you have it! Do you think it’s fun to setup windows hello? Will you recommend windows devices to friends as a result of this security feature? Share your views at the comment section below, let’s the  chatting begin!

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