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Windows Hello security is a password free sign-in feature of windows 10 that uses your bio-metric data. Your windows 10 laptop or tablet can recognize your face, fingerprints, and even the shape of your eyes.  You can use these bio-metric data to login  without using any username and password.  How  will you feel to have such  a secure and fast way to unlock your windows 10 devices?   Well, it is not science fiction.  It is  what windows Hello security can actually  do for you! This  has changed what ideal  login security should be.

How windows Hello security work?

  • This feature of windows  recognizes only you.  It will log you in with a friendly Hello greeting right in front of your device screen.
  •  Windows Hello  gives you the option to set it to either automatic or tap to login mode.  In tap to login mode – your device will recognise  you but  will wait for you to tap the login button to log you in.
  • You can set an option to turn your head either right or left before your windows 10 device could log you in.
  • By using any or a combination of your bio-metric data, windows Hello  should sign you in to your device easily, personally and more securely. No more forgotten passwords.
  • However, like any other bio-metric security feature, window Hello  requires  certain devices  in order to work properly.

windows hello security devices

Here are some  products with windows  Hello technology;

How safe is your bio-metric data with windows hello?

If you are wondering  over the safety of  your bio-metric data with windows hello security, here is the assurance  gathered from Microsoft at the time of researching for this article.

  • Firstly, no third parties for any reason will have access to your bio-metric data.
  • Secondly, it is  a  great relief to learn that  all your bio metric data are  stored on your device only. No other external device or server has access to your personal login details.
  • Thirdly, once you activate and used windows Hello, Microsoft  will only get notification that you are using this unique feature.  But the company will not get your bio-metric data. Therefore, your bio-metric data   are said to be saved and secured right in your own device.

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windows hello security take  home tips!

Can someone prints out my picture and used that as facial recognition to sign in to my window 10 device? The answer is NO!  Why? The reason is that windows Hello feature is uniquely built in such a way that it does not recognise any paper or document based images as your true login identity. hence,  any thief or intruder will need your real or live bio-metric  to hack  your windows hello security.  As a result, once your windows 10 device  is separated from you, access is automatically denied once the screen is  locked.

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