upgrade edition: windows 10 operating system from Amazon store.



What is upgrade edition?

Upgrade editions are used by software producers to differentiate one version of their software from another, which are usually shown in words or numbers. Therefore, it would be great  to keep your upgrade version of windows on the same editions or versions. For example,  users of  windows 7 home premium should  get windows 10 home version, and so on;

Upgrade edition for Windows 7 users

If your laptops or desktops are currently using Windows 7 either Starter, Home Basic or Home Premium, then, you should move up to Windows 10 Home version. But, if your device  is currently using Windows 7 Professional or  Ultimate, then it should be  upgraded to Windows 10 Pro.

Upgrade edition for Windows 8 users

All Windows Phone 8.1 mobile users, wishing to upgrade should  get Windows 10 Mobile Home edition. However, Windows 8.1 Pro and 8.1 Pro for Students users should  upgrade to  Windows 10 Pro.


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upgrade edition: windows 10 operating system from Amazon store.


Why you should upgrade to the right windows 10 edition!

  • Upgrading to the right edition of windows 10 will save you time and stress from s technical problems.
  • Windows 10 comes with amazing features which you will appreciate.
  • We have many posts dedicated to windows 10 to keep you,  my lovely readers, well informed about windows 10.
  • Hence, we encourage you to browse  our posts category called “windows 10” to read any feature of Windows 10 of your interest.
  • So, what is your favorite feature of windows 10? let me know your views at the comment section below.


Upgrade edition for windows 8.1 phones users

If you are windows 8.1 mobile user, then there is good news for you!

  • You can upgrade to windows 10 mobile and enjoy its great features without buying a new phone. how cool is that?
  • However, there are few things you should keep in mind. It is helpful to find out if your device  will support upgrade by first checking at your device  manufacturer’s website  before making the upgrade to windows 10 mobile.
  • In most cases, you should have in mind that the availability of windows 10 mobile varies according to device manufacturers, devices model, country or region, mobile operator or service provider, hardware limitations and many other factors.
  • Therefore, if you are planning to upgrade from windows 8.1 to the mobile version of windows 10, it would save you a lot of trouble if you visit your device manufacture’s website for more  information on whether or not your phone can support Windows 10 mobile.
Upgrade edition explanations – take home tips

However, from my previous post on Minimum System Requirements for Windows 10, you would notice that windows 10 come with a large file size – about 3GB and therefore, a broadband or fast internet connection is necessary to perform windows 10 upgrade either on phone or any other mobile device.

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Sample of windows 10 from amazon store

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