cortana feature of windows 10  from Amazon store.

What is Cortana?

Cortana is the name originally given to the clever virtual personal assistant and knowledge navigator for windows phone 8.1 which is also included in the new Microsoft windows 10. This application is builds on Microsoft’s previous voice technology   called Tellme.

Here are what cortana can do for you.

  • Cortana is intelligent virtual assistant, which can give you reminders based on time, locations or people.
  • Manage your calendar and keep you up to date. Create and manage your list.
  • It can track packages, teams, interests, flights, send email and texts.
  •  Chats and plays games.
  • Find facts, files, places and other information you may need.
  • Open any app on your system.

How to set-up cortana on your mobile device

You need to locate and click on your cortana box in your device and select “respond best to me”. Cortana will ask you to say any six phrases so that she can actually learn to recognise your voice and then uses that information to help you organise your day. How cool is that?
Take home tips:-
Yes! Cortana is your intelligent virtual assistant.  It’s users can enjoy quicker help that cortana have provide . The more you use Cortana, the more personalised your experience will be with this voice control assistant.
Please note: Cortana is only available in certain countries/ regions, and some Cortana features might not be available everywhere.
This is one of the features of windows 10 that I have found to be very useful. Below are additional tips on windows 10—-

Hello! Microsoft windows 10, what can you do?

 Cortana features of  windows 10  from Amazon store.
  • Microsoft windows 10 has the ability to work with multiple devices, such as desktop PC, laptops, tablets and other mobile platforms. What this compatibility simply means is that, users will have similar experience with windows 10 across different devices such as desktop, laptop, and Smartphones.
  • Microsoft is smart enough to design windows 10 with the ability to adjust its screen resolutions to make it easier to use on touch-screen devices. For example, I am writing this post with a touch-screen laptop with windows 10 which can also be switched to tablet mode. How cool is that?
  •  Microsoft has also taken into consideration the feedbacks  they received from users of older versions of their operating systems and as a result some features of windows 7 and windows 8.1 are included in the new windows 10. Thus, the new Microsoft windows 10 has the well known Start menu for PC in  addition to  new “tablet menu”, when you use your laptop in the tablet mode,  live tiles that shows different apps at a glance and the intelligent voice control assistant called “Cortana”
Over to you, my awesome readers, are you amazed with windows 10? Then, share this post with your friends. What do you think about windows 10? Have you use the voice control assistant called “Cortana”?  We will love to read from you. Please share your experience with us at the comment section below.
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