secure messaging app without phone number

1. ChatSecure app is one of the most secured instant messaging apps.

  • To get started, ChatSecure app, unlike its rivals,  does not require your phone number or other personal data.  
  •  I know you are wondering how does ChatSecure really work?  It uses open-source, publicly auditable encryption libraries to keep your personal or business messages private.
  • It     allows you to choose between connecting through your existing Google account, or via a new account on a public XMPP server.  You can connect  can connect to ChatSecure from your  private server if you need stronger security.   
  •  ChatSecure is available free for iPhone and Android users that supports OTR encryption over XMPP  on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 


secure messaing app

 secure messaging app with end-to-end encryption.

2. Signal Private Messenger: Signal Private Messenger offers end-to-end encryption that keep  your private messages secure.

  • Therefore, it gives its users the ability to set up encrypted groups for private discussions with your entire team or work group. 
  •  It is the simplest to use, it does not require both parties to use the same application before its encryption can work. Signal Private Messenger works equally with standard SMS text messages, and SMS picture messages.
  • Hence, you might use the app to add an extra security cover to your regular texting even with those using  different messaging platforms. Have you ever use this messaging apps? share your experience at the comment section below.

secure messaging app for computer and smartphone

3. Gliph: is a secure messaging app which can be used on your computers as well as on   your Smartphones.
  • You can use the Gliph secure messaging app to send and receive messages with your laptop and desktop computers.  
  • Real Delete is another great feature of this messaging app.  You could delete permanently any message from both the sending and receiving gadgets, as well as from the Gliph server at anytime you wish to do so. 
  • You can also add another name to the main account to use as a screen name for personal chatting.  Thereafter, switch back to the real account name for business or formal messages.  This app is available on Google Play Store
 secure messaging app for group chat
4. Wickr:   is another  secure messaging app, which give users the ability to chat with groups of up to 10 people at the same time
  • You can set an expiration date for every message sent.   Thus, you may avoid any concern with unauthorized  access to your private communications. 
  • The the app has end-to-end encryption for all messages. You could choose to remove some information from individual messages.  For instance, the time of sending, or the geo-location data.  You have the ability to remove completely any message file that has been  deleted manually but still remain in users smartphone’s memory.   How cool is that?
Why you need secure messaging apps.
  •  Users of most messaging apps are  happy with  speed but not with security  of  information exchanged with recipients. This is where you need secure messaging apps in this era of high tech communications.
  • You should however, remember that no messaging app is 100 per cent secured.  But a secure messaging app should be more secured than the common  messaging apps and emails.
  • Some apps offer self-destruct function. If you have privacy concerns,  why not try the  free versions of these secure instant messaging apps.  They work well with many  operating systems such as iOS, android, windows, and  BlackBerry.
Now over to you! Did you find this post helpful? Then, share it! What is your best Messaging app and why? Share your opinion at the comment section below.
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