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what is “See Revision History” in google docs use for?

“See Revision History”: -This feature is very handy when your concern is about the performance or progress of your project. If so, then click on file and select “See Revision History”, a sidebar will appear, which will enable you to see what changes has been made to the document.   Who made it, and at what time. Suppose, you are not happy with the changes made, you have an option of “Restore Revision” to undo such changes. This feature, as you could see, helps you to be in control of your document or project.  Have you ever used this feature of Google docs? Kindly share what this feature means to you at the comment section below. They may time when you need additional tools to work with in your google docs, let’s me show you some helpful tools from google docs
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 How to add helpful tools in your Google docs.

To add some helpful tools that you may need in order to enhance your creativity, click on “Add-ons.”, at the top corner of your Google docs application page. Then, you will see a whole collection of extremely helpful tools you can add to your Google Docs.  For instance, EasyBib, will assist in creating bibliographies easily. Please let us know at the comment section below, which Google docs tools have you found very useful and those you think should be added in order to work more efficiently. We value your experience with Google docs. however, if you are like me that love simplicity, then google docs template is here for you. 
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how to Use Google Docs template to simplify your task.
You may sometime need to put something together quickly and consistently. Then, all you have to do is to go to the templates section in Google Docs and you will have varieties of ready-to-go templates. Simply add your information in the appropriate places and you are done! Is that not cool? what if google docs allows you to type and edit your documents with your voice, will you love it? let’s me show you how to type and edit with your voice….
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how to type and edit your document with your own voice in google docs. 
Suppose you think you can work faster by speaking aloud instead of typing, then Google docs can assist you to do so.   Click on Tools and select Voice Typing and start speaking aloud.   Google Docs will do the rest for you, by giving a typed version of what you are speaking. Interestingly, you can also edit with your voice by saying certain words or phase aloud.  For example “Highlight” and you document will automatically listen to you and “highlight” your document.  Is that not amazing? However, you may have problem using voice typing if Google Doc does not recognise your pronunciations. Did you also know those easy to use shortcuts  on google docs?
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How to use shortcut on Google docs
Finally, to work faster on Google Doc, you need to learn the shortcuts.  Just click on the Help button, there you will find all the shortcuts available in Google Docs. These shortcuts will be very helpful especially if you need to constantly format or edit your document.
 There you have it! A complete three- parts post explaining the amazing features of Google docs and how you can use it to better your business performance. Did you miss the other two posts on Google Docs? Then, I will drop the links below: remember to share these posts and let me know how you feel about Google docs at the comment section below.
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