what is google docs

Google Document is a free web-based application, which you can use to create, edit and stored document and spreadsheet online. google docs features are similar to those found in Microsoft word and Excel etc, your files could be accessed through any web supported browsers with computer that have internet connection  However, it’s important to note that; Google Docs is compatible with most word processing and presentations applications.

How does Google docs works

  1. This application is free and web-based; therefore, it does not need to be installed in any laptops or desktops computer, thereby saving your hard disk more space. Google doc is an amazing tool especially when a particular job needs collaboration, whether it is school project or any other pierces of documents. Its features allow many people to work together with any document, thereby promoting team spirit, quick delivery and save you project time.
  1. This application allows you to send an alert to someone without an email. Instead of sending a follow-up email, simple type + and add your team email addresses and they will get an email notification that show that they need to attend to something in your document. How cool is that? Google docs feature allows you to seek your team approval on anything you add or revise in any document by simple turning on “suggesting” at the top right corner of the page.

how to create project team with google docs

  • Anything you add will automatically appear in green and someone in your team or group can just tap the check mark to approve or disapprove it. If you are your own boss who does not need anyone approval to get thing done, then, you simple select “Edit” any changes you make will not appear in green and no one in your group or team will know what you are up to. Are you surprise by what Google docs can do? I’m not done yet, keep reading!
  • Google docs gives you the opportunity to decide who get to see your document and in what format. When you click on sharing at the right corner of the application you have an option to viewing, editing, and commenting. Choose and make any changes to the features as you desire.
  • Its “advanced” feature when use allows you to have access to your team and group to know who should be remove or add to see or work with the document, including helpful options like disabling download, print, copy features for those commenting and viewing in order to protect the sensitivity and the privacy of your document or project.

There you have it! Google docs is here to stay. Do you think this article is clear and informative? Have you ever use Google docs? Share your views with us at the comment section below

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