1.  online banking  – Use Genuine and up-to-date Internet Security Software

It is absolutely necessary to buy well-known genuine internet security software if you are going to use online banking. Moreover, get additional security software from your bank to use with your own, because two good heads are better than one. 

Some of the free versions, especially scans, may actually compromise your online security.    


2.  online banking – use a Good Anti-Keylogger Software

  • You may ask why you need anti-keylogger software when you have already installed security suite in your mobile device.  The fact is that successful fraudsters are very smart guys. 
  • They employ smart Keyloggers, such as Zeus, which can capture login details on secure bank sites, no matter their security level.   
  • Thus, they can bypass standard security software, hence the need for good anti-keylogging software to stop Keyloggers from stealing data from your clipboard, keystrokes on a virtual keyboard, or screenshots.

3.  online banking – Use Two Factor Authentication  or Two Step Verification

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA , TFA),  or  two step verification, is an extra layer of security that requires not only your password and username but also additional information only known to you, the user. 
  • It could be a physical token given to users by some banks, or a onetime piece of information or passcode only provided to the user for a limited time.  This will make you smarter than the fraudsters.
4. online banking – use credit card instead of debit card for online transactions
  • Using a credit card for online transactions makes it easier to avoid losses from fraudsters. If your credit card is used illegally, the stolen funds are not yours but belong to your credit card company. 
  • All you need to do is to notify your credit card company of the fraud, provided you were not negligent, the matter will be resolved without debiting your bank account.  However, remember to set-up direct debit to pay for all your genuine transactions regularly to avoid paying credit card interests.


5.  Check Your Account Statements Regularly

Once, you monitor your account(s) statements regularly, you might discover that some of the frauds are carried out by the companies you patronised and you could ask for a refund.  You may be surprised to discover that some of these companies illegally billed you twice or more for the same transaction.  At other time, you may be charged for a service or product you did not receive at all.  Therefore be vigilant, do not give room to the fraudsters to operate freely.


Hope this post has been helpful. Thinking about any option that is not included in this post? Mention it in the comment section below; let’s chat about it.

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