What are password managers?

 You could save all your passwords in an encrypted format and provide secure access to all your password information that  was created in  different online accounts with the help of a master password.  Most password managers are similar but may differ in the way they encrypt the information, type of storage they use, and the additional features they provide for your convenience.


Why you need a password manager

  • .      Easy management of password: You well know how difficult it is to create one strong password and to be able to remember it for one online account, then, imagine all the online account that you have created and the feeling you will have if all your password could be easy managed –  that is what password manager can do for you. 
  •          If you could follow security experts recommendation of  using a different password for every online account that you keep, and each password, which should be changed regularly, has to contain at least 8, 12, or 16 characters, being a combination of letters, numbers and symbols, then, password manager could be the right tool that you need.

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  •           If  you can relate to the  task involve in creating and maintaining several passwords, you would easily understand the importance of using a password manager.

            Password managers and large number of passwords

  •        Password managers  serve as the solution for creating and maintaining a large number of passwords, because your  login information of the various accounts could automatically be stored for you. Thereby, helping you to  prevent hacking attacks like keystroke logging as well as eliminating the need to type in your passwords each time you wish to log into your account.
  • .     Password managers, also facilitate the use of strong and unique passwords for each of your online account. The automatic password generation feature available in certain password managers helps to create strong, unique and random passwords for each account.
  • .     Login information are encrypted and stored in either the local memory of your system or in cloud storage. You can also install portable password manager application in your mobile devices to manage your passwords anywhere and to use them on shared devices.


   There you have it; what tips did you pick from this post? Which passwords manager do you prefer and why? Tell me at the comment section below
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