How to work with Google docs when you are offline

  • If you had shut down your computer because you were disconnected, please open your document and continue to edit or write on, but remember to save (offline) any changes that you make to the document.
  • However, you will notice gray-like lightning bolt at the top of the application page, which indicate that you are actually working with your document offline and all additional data are safe.
  • The next time you are online, all changes made and saved (offline) will be updated automatically. Have you ever use Google docs offline? share your experience at the comment section below.
Google docs

How to use Google docs to open files from any word processing applications such as Microsoft words

  • In order to use Google docs to open any word processing application, you need to first of all, add chrome extension called office editing for docs, sheet and slides, and then, you are ready to go. 
  • After that, you should be able to edit any word processing application such as Microsoft Office document. Once you are done, click on File, then, select Download As, a drop down will appear, then, select Microsoft Office (.docx) to save it.

How to use Google docs to check your team or project member’s performance

  • This feature becomes very helpful when you are checking where other team members or group members are in the document or project.
  • In order to see where others are, simple tap on your co-worker’s photo at the top right corner of your Google docs’ page, you should be able to see a cursor in the document and that shows their current or active point within the document or project. That’s sound interesting, right?
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