1. Do not use a Public WiFi for Your Online Banking.
Fake WiFi networks that resemble official ones are usually set up near public places by hackers.  Once you are connected to a fake network, the fraudster will be able to steal your online details via malicious software installed on your mobile device without your knowledge.
2. Do Not Give Any of Your Bank Detail on Phone.
You may listen to, but do not give any of your bank details to anyone who call you on phone claiming to be from your bank or law enforcement agency.   You may interview the caller to get his/her details and the reason for the call and record the conversation if your phone can do so.  If you have any concern, go to your bank website and use live chat to report the incident to your bank and keep record of your report.  Do not call even the phone number at the back of your bank card at that time, because the caller may actually be a fraudulent   bank staff waiting to receive your call in order to compromise your login details.  
3. Do not open any email requesting Your Login Details.
The common practice is for fraudsters to trick their victims into updating their login details via fake emails that pretend to come from a genuine bank or company.  Delete such email or report it to your bank. Do not click any link that you may be asked to click to activate or update your details even when the email threatens that your account will be suspended if you do not update immediately.
5. Do not open your door to Un-trusted apps.
 It is important to check the permissions on apps before installing them to avoid giving unnecessary information to dubious apps.  Apps that track your location should be set to private.  Turn off your Bluetooth and WiFi when not in used, please.
5. Do not use Weak Passwords
Please see my previous articles on how to improve your passwords.  Unfortunately, a large number of people are still using default passwords such as 123456. A weak password is like closing a door without locking, it only requires a little effort to open it.

Hope this post has been helpful. Thinking about any option that is not included in this post? Mention it in the comment section below; let’s chat about it

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