Google has released a new smart messaging app, called ‘Allo’.  So, friends let stand up and give Google three Allos; Allo! Allo!! Allo!!!

But wait a minute!  Before you sit down, let ask Google why the company should bother us with another massaging app, when so many apps are already clogging our Smartphone’s screen and memory?  Moreover, I think, we are not lacking in that regard, our dear Whatsapp is doing quite well or what do you think?

 My humble opinion is that the name alone will make many folks to go for ‘Allo’.  Just like the word ‘goal’ in football, Allo, will soon become a household word with a universal character as a result of its simplicity. However, the most exciting part is that with Allo, you have much more than a messaging app, but also a useful virtual assistant that will be with you wherever and whenever you need help.

 It promises to assist you in making quick and good decisions with your plans.  If you are in unfamiliar locations, it could suggest hotels, restaurants or movie times for you. It may also be very useful with flights, traffic or weather information. Football lovers will be very happy with an app that could predict the winning team of an ongoing match.  More on Allo will soon follow, meanwhile, let us once again, and congratulate Google for being able to create a single app with various functions.   

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