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What is visual hacking? It is a process whereby someone knowingly spy at another person’s desktop, laptop screen, mobile devices, and even paper records for the sole purpose of gathering or stealing personal information from the victim.  These attacks not only happen very quickly but are also very difficult to detect when it does happen. When the Ponemon Institute released its 2016 Global Visual Hacking Experiment, the research firm found that 91 percent of visual hacking attempts are usually successful.
Who is at risk of visual hacking?
Everyone is at risk of visual hacking including Healthcare organisations, schools, data management agencies, etc. This usually happen because many items including papers are left in stacks on desks and around recycling bins and inappropriate placement of fax machine in high traffic areas are some of the most common mistakes which pave way for visual hacking. Moreover, many organizations are often squeezed for space resulting in poor placement of personal data.

What organisations and individual can do right now to prevent visual hacking!
1.       Create awareness and do not overlook the impact that visual hacking may have on individuals and organisations.
2.      Be aware of your surrounding especially when opening personal information in the public.
3.      Use technology like a good shredding machine to dispose of any unused document(s) properly.
4.      Organisations should have training structure in place to address visual hacking – such policy could help IT and security staff to better protects their organizations from this type of threat.
5.      Data management organisations should develop a checklist of possible visual hacking scenarios to find and prevent weaknesses in the organization’s security.
6.      Though many organizations usually have privacy filters for log-ons for workplace screens; these filters should be required on all devices. These tactics could help an organization to protect personal data and can provide evidence of its security features.
7.       Do all you can to keep personal and organisational data save and free from visual hackers.

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