Apple has recently lunched   iPhone 7with amazing new and improved features that makes it the best among the best Smartphones ever made by the company. Let us take a brief look at the 7 most outstanding features of iphone 7.

1.         iPhone 7 comes with waterproof technology

iPhone 7 comes with waterproof technology.  What this means is that if your phone accidentally falls into water, it is not the end of it, and you do not need to scream. Simply remove it from the water and check the moisture detection feature to see if moisture is detected in the handset.  When you confirm any moisture in the handset, keep it turned off without any plugging in the lighting port until it is dried completely before you turn it on.

2.        iPhone 7  wakes up  by  simply picking it up

 iPhone 7 comes with  iOS 10,  Apple’s latest version of its mobile operating system, which has the ability to wake up the display when you pick up the handset.  To check your notifications, just pick it up.

3.        iPhone 7 comes with much improved cameras

The improved features include a brand new 12MP sensor for the rear-facing camera and image stabilisation with a wide range of colour capture for more natural and realistic colours.  Both iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus  can take amazing photos in low light conditions with a boosted flash with four leds,  wider aperture lens which brings in 50% more light, and is 60% faster. The front-facing camera has been enhanced from 5MP to 7MP, allowing you to take even better selfies.

4.  Quick access to the camera even when  iPhone 7 is locked

To take a quick photo, you don’t need to unlock the iPhone 7 to do that, simply swipe your finger on the locked screen to bring up the camera app, thanks to iOS 10.  What is more, your data are protected since nobody can access them unless the phone is properly unlocked.

5. Customised Home button for iPhone 7

The Home button on the iPhone 7 is now sensitive to how much force you use to press it. The new tap engine makes iPhone 7 vibrates gently at your touch instead of clicking like a physical button. You can also customise the Home button to work exactly the way you want.

6.  Better Instagram photos with iPhone 7

Instagram is a photo-orientated social network and its apps works very well with the iPhone 7. So if you are a fan of the social media, iPhone 7 will make you stand out among the crowd. Instagram app has been updated to reflect the popular photo filters that use a wide range of colour capture capabilities to give amazing transformation to your images.

7.         Enjoy improved audio quality with iPhone 7

The controversy about the lack of a traditional audio jack port is certainly an unnecessary distraction.  The fact is that iPhone 7 comes with a radical and impressive refinement to audio playback which handles audio data better for improved sound quality.  The built-in stereo speakers give twice as much volume than the iPhone 6S’ speakers thereby making movie and music lovers very happy with iPhone 7.  Moreover, you can still use the existing earphones with the included adaptor or use Bluetooth headphones to enjoy the quality music.

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