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Backing up important data from your  devices such as phones and tablets can never be over emphasised – especially now that the modern phones and tablets come with beautiful features that allow users to capture and store  vital information on them.  Surprisingly only few people take  seriously the idea of having a back-up. Others are under the illusion that their valuable phones or tablets will never breakdown, or be separated from them. Still others feel that the processes of backing-up are not clear or are difficult to carry out and as a result little or nothing is done about it.
Why you need cloud storage system!
 A recent research shows increasing use of cloud storage system by more and more business executives worldwide.  Moreover, the number of organizations getting competitive advantage as a result of adopting high cloud storage is growing rapidly and by 2017, the public cloud services market is expected to exceed $244 billion.  

Why take advantage of cloud storage? The real benefit of cloud storage is that it creates a copy of your files in a physically separate location.  Hence, your vital information is safe from flood, fire and theft. Moreover, you can access your files from practically anywhere provided you have a computer as well as internet connection.  Furthermore, you can synchronise all files across multiple devices to create a virtual office to enable different staff to work on the same document from any location.
 In order to get you to familiarize yourself with the services of cloud storage, most phones, tablets and computers come with some free backup storage services in different brands such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. For personal use and many small businesses, the free storage options may just be enough for you to sign up. However, if  the FREE cloud backup storage service does not provides enough space for your information, you may find it necessary to pay a reasonable monthly or yearly fee to get more space for your storage.
A Word of Caution When Using Cloud Storage Services!

It is important to note that, most cloud storage services synchronise files in a certain folder on your computer, tablet or phone. This means that if you delete a file in that folder, it will automatically disappear from your online storage as well. Many services have a feature like a Recycle bin so you can undo any mistaken action.  You may have only  30 days to undo any information in the recycle bin, so it is vital to check and make sure you are always saving the right file.

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