Public Setting of Your Documents
This  setting on your Google account allows you to share your information with anyone in the public domain. Public documents or files could also appear in search engines and anyone who fined the web address could have access to the documents.

The pros on Public Setting of Your Documents
Any document made public on the web – is a great feature that allows you to publicise your document, articles or post. Great examples of publicly shared document are flyers for a concert, articles on blogging and any other document that will add values to others.

The cons on Public Setting of Your Documents
It’s important to note that – any document that users set as public is absolutely out of your control and anyone could have access to them. Therefore, only make public documents that you will not feel embarrass about seeing it anywhere in the world.
“Allow Anyone to Comment” Feature of Your Google Account
This feature of your Google account is very important to bloggers and webmasters who desire to make their articles public and to create interactive and engaging page.

Visitors to such blogs or websites could post their comments freely, and such comment will be made public for other to see, like or reply.

 “Allow Anyone to Edit” Options of Your Google Account
To edit means to make changes to the contents of the original file of a particular document. Therefore, as the name implies when it is enabled, it allows anyone who find the document to view, edit or make changes to the original version of the files, documents or articles.

It’s very important to be prudent when enabling this feature in your Google account.

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