In my previous article, I explained in details the amazing things Gmail Account allows users to accomplish including document sharing. If you had missed that article – Click Here Now. Without much ado, let get into the pros and cons of sharing documents in your Google Account:-

Private Setting of Your Documents: This feature on your Google account allows users to limit or block others from gaining access to their documents, which means you are the only one who can see and make any changes to the documents.

The pros on Private Setting of Your Documents
 Setting your document private is the best option for your personal documents which you do not want other to have access to such as your, list of your resume or list of contacts.

Private setting is also used for group effort with small circle of people, family or friends. This collaboration is very essential if you are working with friends or family member on a private document or project. Anyone within the added circle can have access to the document and make any changes based on your specifications.

Some collage teachers who want to share a syllabus or a book list with his/her students, could set such information into a document and set to “anyone with the Link” and then forward the link to the student. This process makes disseminating information within a specific group or circle much easier.
The cons on Private Setting of Your Documents
It’s important to note that another person could have access to your document if they have EXACT URL of your document, file or folder.

Collaboration with circle of people would  be limited by the degree of sensitivity of  the documents  and  your knowledge of  the people that you desire to work with.

Note that if you  select the “Allow anyone to edit” option, anyone within circle will also be able to edit your document. Since doing so does not required sign in, viewers and editors may show up as anonymous. Anyone with the link is a great setting if you want to give easy access to information to a bunch of people and the contents of the document aren’t sensitive.
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