Based on current trends – the importance of securing our online presence can never be over emphasised. As a result, I have written many articles on how to keep your online presence safe and secure.  In this article I will be explaining the common mistake many people make when changing their passwords.

1. Your usernames and passwords are the front line guards to your system and website, therefore do not compromise on their quality. It is a good practice to change your passwords and usernames frequently, for instance every 3 or 6 months.  

However, researchers have shown that many people do this wrongly.  The common mistake is that users more often make minimal changes to their current passwords.  

Their common reason for doing that is to make it easier for them to remember. For example, a password such as Gcehtops#7could be changed to gCehtops#7then gcEhtop#7and so on. Hence, researchers have noticed that many people simply twist, add or remove digits to make minimal changes with each update. 

2. Why Such Practice Would Lead to Weaker Security:-  The reason is that based on the above information about the behaviour of online users, researchers have developed a computer software that can correctly guess your password with some measure of success.  

For instance, in one demonstration attack using very fast computers, over 40 percent of passwords were broken in less than three seconds.  

Therefore, do not compromise your online security by making minimal changes to your passwords.   The current experts’ advice is that you should make a total change to your passwords on a regular basis.

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