Use Your Gmail Account to get more work done

1. After signing into your  Gmail account  from the mailbox, you can access your Google document, calendar, photos, Translate, Google+,  YouTube, Play, News, Drive from any device or computer at anytime and from anywhere.

2. You can quickly login to other Google applications like Picasa, Blogger, and maps through your Gmail account.

3. Moreover, Gmail account allows a user to create, edit and pool resources on Google docs without using the Google Email System.

4. Furthermore, Gmail account allows you to share document with others. This feature is highly appreciated by schools. Any document could be shared through the UWSP email and the student can view it without being able to edit it. If the teacher intention is for the students to edit it then they should use a Google Account.

5. Gmail account sharing setting allows users to set access control to their documents either as “Private, Can Edit, and Can Comment”.

What is a Gmail Account: This is a free email address provided by that consists of Username and Password. This account does not always end with “”, because a user can sign up for a Google Apps account that is connected with his/her @yahoo email address.

How to Create a Gmail Account (Google apps Account)

  • ·         Open your browser of choice
  • ·         At the URL bar, type
  • ·        Click on Google apps Icon at the top right-hand side of your page
  • ·         Select Gmail, a dialog box will appear
  • ·         Click on create or add account
  • ·     Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the THREE step process of creating or adding an account.
  • Congratulations you now have your Gmail account.

 Take home tips:
It’s important to note that it is risky to grant others access to your vital documents. However, in order to edit or make comment on your documents a user will need to sign in or sign up for a Google account.

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