In my preceding article, I wrote about ways of recovering your stolen phone. In continuation, this article will be explaining the third method of discovering your stolen phone through an online phone tracking system generally called Plan B.

Why You Need Plan B Tracking software?

The most reliably free Plan B app software is offered by Lookout mobile security, which you can download from Google play store straight to your stolen phone provided the phone is within internet coverage area.

This will be possible even if your phone is without any data subscription bundle.

The Plan B software will be installed on your stolen phone without the knowledge of the thief, thereafter type the word locate and send as SMS to your phone.

A map showing the location of your phone/tablet with its IMEI number will be sent to your Gmail account.

Send the map to your local police or security operatives that may assist in recovering your stolen/lost phone.

This third method, like the second method mentioned earlier, can be used to track and recover your stolen phone even without the cooperation of your network provider.

However, prevention is said to be better than cure, hence the next article will consider how you can prevent your much valued Smartphone from being stolen in the first place.

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