‘Prevention is better than cure’.  How many times have you heard that wise saying?  To benefit from it you have to apply it to your much valued Smartphone or Tablets.  

Here are  5 ways of doing so.

1.Use permanent ink to write your name or alternative phone number inside and outside the components of your phone to discourage potential thieves.   A good artist can do a fine job.

2. Charge your phone only in a secured place.

3. Do not keep your phone in a packed automobile even if it is inside a bag or briefcase. Always be conscious of any person close to you especially in a rowdy place.

4. Be mindful of locations where gangs of mobile phone thieves operate.  One of their main tactics is to get a member to distract you while others ensure that your phone disappears through their chain.

5. Download and install verified software to remotely control your Android, Windows or Apple Smartphone whenever there is need to do so.

6. Use strong password to secure access to your phone.

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