Many parents and carers know the seriousness of reducing the amount of time their kids spend on screen but HOW to actually implement this policy present them with a huge challenge.

Here are some practical steps you can take right now to help your kids in reducing the amount of time that they spent watching the screen.

Current Screen Time Guidelines

Children under the age of  TWO should have no screen time.
Children over the age of TWO should limit their screen time to ONE or TWO hours a day.
Despite what ads may say, videos that are aimed at very young children do not improve their development. But rather many experts worry that too much screen time may be harmful for your babies and children.
What You Can Do to Help
Depending on their age – you could have a lively chat with them explaining in kind and plain, yet firm language, the importance of engaging in other off-screen activities. To the extent possible, try and make them part of your life, otherwise, they may start to feel that it is normal to isolate themselves.

Recognise your children’s individual feelings and reassure them of your love.  Watching the screen for more than the recommended two hours may have been a large part of  their daily routine  and cutting it down to two hours per day may not be an easy change for the young minds.  However, you can help your kids to accept the new screen time by telling them the bad effects sedentary lifestyle can have  on their overall health and many things they can do to be healthier.

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