Many parents and carers still ignore professional advice on screen time because of the following reasons:-
1. Some parents find it a bit tricky to explain to their kids the important of respecting screen time.

 2. Usually children love to play with electronic gadgets – television, smartphone or tablet -as a result parents/carers compromise screen time as a mistaken kindness with the hope of making their kids  happy.

 3. In desperate need for peace and quiet moment, many parents ignore  screen time by regularly using televisions or tablets to entertain their kids.

4. Some parents may tend to keep their kids busy with television or tablets longer than expected while they prepare meal or other tasks.

5.  Other parents allow their kids to use those electronic gadgets beyond recommended time because they want to avoid  tantrums attitude of their kids.

6. Some even feel that it will help  their kids to get a head start on learning digital skills if they spend longer time on those electronic gadgets.

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