Mini-computersas the name implies are smaller size of computer that can perform the functions of a Laptop and desktop computers thereby making computing much more than fun.

Advantage of mini-computers

1.  Smaller in size and therefore can be used anywhere which make its more mobile friendly  with high performance.

2.  There are eco-friendly because the used little space and consumption leaser electricity.

3.  Mini-computers boast relatively large RAM and Faster processors

4.  Good graphics and high-speed web connectivity (cable-based and Wi-Fi)

5.  They have high-end SSD hard disks

6.  There are very light and compactable, and relatively silent because of the state-of-the-art    heat sinks which enable the computer to function without generating much heat.

7.  Most mini-computer comes with bunch of USB port

8. Mini-computers are powerful than micro-computers but not as super-computers and        mainframe computers.

Disadvantage of mini-computers

1.  There are not economical

2.  Mini-computer does not have DVD drive

3.  It’s does not have bigger screen

Mini-computers can be used by anyone who loves smaller but high efficient computer. There are used in schools, research laboratories, small corporations, media, home computing, professional gamer, personal cloud solution and others. Absolutely everyone can take advantage of this new standard of high performance.

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