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Usernames as well as passwords is the first line of your defense because they guard the entry points to your website or computer, therefore fortify your front door against any potential intruder.

How to Secure Your Username and Password

               1.          Do not make it easy for them.

  2.  Do not use “ADMIN” as a username, because it’s so easy to guess. If they (hackers) can guess your username then they are half way to your computer or website.

3.Do not use the same Username and password on more than one computer or website 

    4. Do not use any dictionary words as password or username because they are ton of hacker software that can help them to solve the puzzle.

   5. Create a complex username and password with at least 8 characters long. The more  complicated your username and password are the better secure they will be. (Some website provides a guide on how to create username and password).

   6. Keep Alpha-numeric at minimum, a mix of upper and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters (for example: #$*) will secure better.

      7. Change your password frequently 

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