1. keep your anti-virus up-to-date

  • Anti-virus: this are a pieces of software or programs that help in protecting your computer against most dangerous viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other unwanted invaders that can make your computer very “SICK”.
  •     I understand what you are thinking; you mean how does this affect your system? By installing an anti-virus program, spyware scanner, and an anti-malware to your computer would improve the performance of your system because the fewer bugs, viruses, and bits of Hardware your computer has to manage, the more time it will have to devote to other processes.
  •    This simple security step will prevent viruses and worm etc from performing malicious acts which include the following; deleting of files, accessing personal information (data) or even using your computer to attack other computers. 
  • Therefore, it is very important to keep your computer in a healthy state of mind be installing a very good and active antivirus.



2.  Update all apps
·         Update: this is a process of keeping all application on your system up-to-date with its features.
Why is update very important?



·         Software or application developers always released update whenever is necessary in order to fix, correct or improve its performance. Therefore, updating your application whenever possible will improved the stability and performance of your computer or website.  


Updated version of any application may give you more option to work with thereby giving you control over what is happening with your system or site.



·             New features from updated version may simplify a process in which particular software function.
  • ·             It’s important to note that some viruses ride in on Out-dated software. (That is software that is downloaded long after the updates was available and therefore is not monitored as closely as possible).
  • ·       By updating all important applications, you will be keeping your system or website  running smoothly, and prevent the invader from taking control over your system or website.

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