1. Deleting or removing redundant file and program is process that allows you to get rid of any unwanted or unused document or application from your computer. 

2. This process gives your computer a big relief from unnecessary stress such files must have put on your hard drive and ROM, which in turn slow down your computer in order to explain to you that your computer is under unnecessary stress. 

3.This maintenance culture is very important steps that you can take right now to increase the speed of your computer.

How to Delete Redundant Files
Locate the folder that the particular file or document was saved, right-click on the name (a dialog box will appear), select delete.
It’s also important to note that Movies files are generally the largest files; it may be in the best interest of you and your computer to delete or backup anything you are not watching or plan to watch soon.
·      Remember to empty your trash or recycled bin. Emptying of your trash bin is very important steps to take in order to completely delete such files.
Restart, or completely shut down the computer, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on. Make sure you save any projects or documents you are working on before turning off or restarting your computer!

How to Compress Hard Drive
 To compress hard drive you need to take the following simple steps;

      1. Locate and open your hard drive
      2. Right-click on any empty space, (dialog box will appear)
      3. Select properties (another dialog box appear)
      4. Then below the dialog box menu tick compress this drive to save disc space
     5.  Click OK when finish.
    6.  Click on refresh button or Restart the computer to effect the change. Always make sure you save any projects or documents you are working on before turning off or restarting your computer!
How to Delete Redundant Program or Application
Go to Control Panel,then click Add or Remove Programs (or “Uninstall a Program”, depending on your operating system) a window open showing you a list of programs installed on your computer.
Some programs or applications you see may look useless immediately, in which case you can remove them right away. Others won’t look familiar to you and may require some research.
·        It may help to see how often you use the program.  When you right-click one of the column titles above your program list, you should be able to add additional characteristics by which to organize your programs. 

    Check Last Used On and a column displaying the last time you used each program will appear. This will quickly show you which programs you use frequently and the ones you haven’t used in years. You could then go ahead and uninstall or remove.

·         Don’t forget to empty your recycling bin.

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